Strategic Communication Research

In Fall 2015, I was part of a group conducting research for the 2016 Public Relations Student Society of America Bateman Case Study Competition in partnership with the Student Veterans of America. This research was the first step in my participation in the Bateman Competition. See my final Bateman competition report on my Public Relations page.

BAR & Co. Research Report

Creative Crossroads

Creative Crossroads is an experimental interdisciplinary class at TCU. Comprised of students from different majors, including Strategic Communication, Graphic Design, Anthropology and more, this class was brought together to work on a client’s problem together. We researched and analyzed the TCU Counseling and Mental Health Center and developed a report of our findings and suggestions for improvement.

Creative Crossroads Report


I wrote Women in Film as my final research paper for my anthropology class, “Mass Media and Culture.” I watched six films from 2012 to analyze the main female characters and stereotypes.

Sample of “Women in Film: Stereotypes of Female Characters in 2012”

Distinguished Scholars Program

The Distinguished Scholars Program (DSP) is a program for gifted students that involves guided study in an interdisciplinary environment comprised of rigorous research and experienced-based curriculum. During my four years in the program, I developed my writing, research and presentation skills extensively by preparing one research paper per year.

Dare We Play God was my final research paper for DSP. I researched human cloning over two years and analyzed several films that included cloning or DNA modification.

“Dare We Play God” Report