Public Relations

Bateman Competition

The Public Relation Student Society of America’s 2016 Bateman Case Study Competition is a competition for public relations college students across the United States. This year’s client was Student Veterans of America, an organization to provide veterans who are going back to school support and resources. The challenge was to increase awareness of student veterans and SVA at Texas Christian University. My team and I won an honorable mention at the national level for our work.

The Bateman competition showcased many of my skills related to combining social media and public relations. My team and I were responsible for planning, executing and evaluating a 30-day campaign. This included utilizing digital communication channels, engaging with audiences on social media, maintaining documentation, communicating with the media and tracking metrics.

Lila PR Report

Creative Strategy

Part of a group, I researched, brainstormed and helped design a creative strategy plan for the 2016 American Advertising Federation National Student Advertising Competition in partnership with Snapple. This document is a compilation of our ideas, campaign theme and examples of advertising.

Team ASK Presentation

Press Release

I helped draft and edit this press release for an upcoming event during my internship with Public Poetry.

Ex Libris Press Release

Crisis Communication Plan

With a partner, I researched and developed a crisis communication plan for a Fort Worth business in the case of a tornado destroying one of their buildings. Please contact me via email if you would like to see this writing sample.

Advertising Campaign and Media Plan

With a group, I researched, wrote, designed and presented an advertising campaign and media plan for Pizza Hut as a part of the 2015 American Advertising Federation National Student Advertising Competition.

SCDP Pizza Hut Report