Upward shot of a cathedral dome in Italy. Sky is a beautiful blue with puffy, white clouds. Dome is a mix of gorgeous, architectural details in orange, brown and white.

This is (hopefully) the beginning of a new video series: SKYSCAPES. First up, Italy.

I love clouds. As a kid, I would always watch them go by in the car – I still try to, but it’s a little more dangerous when you’re the driver. I take photos of the clouds all the time, but never really do anything with them, letting them just sit on my phone.

A couple of years ago, I shot the footage for this first skyscape in Italy. The architecture is bold and beautiful, and the clouds were beautifully puffy and white that day.

I don’t know why I just now finished this video. It’s been sitting on my hard drive, waiting for me, and I’m glad I found it. I have lots of ideas running through my head of what to do next. Architecture, seasons, angles, storms and other things could be highlighted and celebrated in this series of skyscapes.

This type of video is also a way to force a perspective. Often, I forget to look up, I am very distracted, and I don’t pay close attention to details. But when you pay attention to something, you discover more and more. So this view, plus the length of the video, is a way to force me into actually noticing details of the beautiful architecture of Italy.


By Alexandra

art + space