Moon Marks

Moon Marks | Alexandra Constantinou
“Moon Marks” is a look at what people brought to and did on the Moon from 1969 to 1972: landers, rovers, science equipment, the astronauts themselves and the marks and even shadows that touched the Moon. With the possibility that humans will return to the Moon soon, it is important to examine how we interact with and change this celestial body with every probe, landing, test and step. Not only for scientific purposes, but also for historical and archaeological purposes.

I plan for “Moon Marks” to be part of a larger body of work titled “Lunar Works,” focusing on humans interactions with and on the Moon. One day, I will finish “Artemis 11,” and I have plans for more lunar-based works that will push me to work in new types of media. In theory, these lunar art works would be displayed together as parts of a whole.

By Alexandra

art + space