Commercial Gold

Commercial Gold

As an event even bigger than Super Bowl, the Olympics bring in a lot of views – and therefore a lot of commercials are shown. Here are my top three commercials from this year’s Olympics in Rio, Brazil.


Coming in for a bronze medal is Reese’s “Summer… Like a Winter Olympian” commercial starring Lindsey Vonn! A couple of different companies used the idea of putting summer Olympic athletes into abnormal situations, but I really like the idea of working with a winter  athlete (maybe because I love the Winter Olympics more? (I also love Reese’s…)). This commercial lets the audience know that, while incredibly talented in their chosen sport, Olympic athletes aren’t good at everything. Lindsey is going to veg out and watch Team USA just like the rest of us – with a Reese’s peanut butter cup, of course.

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Inspiration and the Creative Zone

Inspiration and the Creative Zone

Creativity is a one of the most important skills needed in the public relations world, from writing daily social media posts to designing advertisements and off-the-wall strategic plans that both get people talking and capture the target audience to do something. Sometimes, it can be difficult to stay creative or find new sources of inspiration.

Read about a few different ways to be inspired and get in the creative zone.

Read about some of my sources of inspiration and how I get into the creative zone at The Back 9 Blog.

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