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2019 Art Goals

I have two major art goals for 2019: start selling my art and table at Zine Fest Houston in November. Which means I have a lot of little goals to achieve first.

I have attended the past three ZFH fairs and absolutely love it. I love being able to buy from and support artists, as well as learning new ways to use and make zines. It fuels my own creativity also. And this past ZFH finally pushed me to make more zines and table at ZFH. So here are my smaller goals to reach this big one:

  • Finish dinosaur zine (an expansion of my Jurassic June drawings)
  • Create cryptids and conspiracies zine (currently binging a ton of podcasts about this)
  • Finish zine about version 1 of Cryptid Sighting
    • Create version 2 of Cryptid Sighting code, to close version 1
  • Clean up old zines
  • Print all zines
  • Order stickers

I took an Artist’s Books class back in the fall of 2015 where I learned how to make zines and books in all different types of ways. I miss making zines, so I’m finally brushing up my skills to make this goal a reality.

Tabling at ZFH is a testing phase to see if my art sells and if it is worth opening up an online shop. I’ve been doing a lot of research into Etsy and how this could all work. Crossing my fingers because I know I have a good amount of work ahead of me. But, this is a good way to push me creatively–there’s a lot of drawing, InDesign and printing to do. Writing this all down is my way of staying accountable and seeing what I need to get done in the next few months.

Have you ever made a zine before? Any tips on tabling at zine fairs or selling on Etsy? Tweet me at @maniacalstar!