Florida Dreaming

Florida is my family’s vacation spot of choice, like many Southerners. Florida’s weird, but it’s beautiful AND weird. I love it. If I wasn’t so attached to Texas, I’d move to Florida. (Side note: almost went to Florida for college.)

I last went to Florida in March, and I’m just now getting around to editing my photos… My mom and brother are about to head down there, and I really wish I could go. So, I decided to edit the photos as a quasi-replacement.

This is the first time I focused on photography instead of video in Florida, mostly because I was also trying out a new camera. I really like how these photos turned out, even if they may be a bit stereotypical.

The sky on the day I took these photos was grey and threatening which made the ocean even more amazing to behold than normal.

Note: you can purchase these photos on Twenty20.

Florida beach with fishing pole


Florida beach with birds


Florida beach jellyfish


Florida beach with stormy skies


Florida beach dunes


Florida beach jewel colors

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