Video Heavy

This semester is going to be a video heavy one for me. Which is good (I love making videos), but also daunting (making videos takes a lot of time). I’m doing an independent study class which is focused completely on making videos using After Effects. I’m continuing to do artist interviews for my job at the Art Galleries at TCU. And I also promised my services to my Bateman PR competitions team, where I’ll be making at least 5 videos, if not more. Lastly, I’m collaborating with my friend who is a music composition major to make videos for her senior recital!

Looking forward right now, I’ll be making at least 12 videos this semester. 12! In one semester! On top of everything else I have to do! I obviously didn’t listen to myself when I said to take it a bit easy this semester… But it will be a good challenge to see what I can come up with.

I’ve already uploaded two videos this semester. The first is actually an old video of an art video game I created in April 2015, titled Harold (Playthrough). This video is an exploration of a lake environment that contains a trapped turtle, hidden statues and hushed commands.

Update: I found out that Harold (Playthrough) was just accepted into 500X’s Raw Talent show! First exhibit of the year, check!

The second video is my first project for my independent study. It’s a short intro to one of my favorite podcasts, King Falls AM, a sleepy little mountain town with some everyday paranormal happenings. I challenged myself completely with King Falls AM Intro. This was the first time I created an entire video in After Effects, created all my own graphics in Photoshop and InDesign and used 3d space and cameras in After Effects. This video taught me a lot and forced me to step out of my comfort zones. I’m now much more comfortable with After Effects! But I still have a long way to go – but that’s what this independent study is all about.

I hope y’all enjoy the videos! I’m looking forward to expanding my knowledge. You can keep up-to-date with all my videos by following me on Vimeo or on Twitter.