Semester in Review: Fall 2015

Happy 2016! Before I look ahead, I’ve decided to take a look back at all that happened. All in all, Fall 2015 was the busiest semester of my college career. Here we go…

First up, a new job/internship/thing (how many am I at? 6? 7? a lot). I started at The Art Galleries at TCU, working on their social media, tracking metrics, documenting events, filming interviews, gallery sitting and pretty much anything else that can be squeezed into about 7 hours each week. Which is a lot, surprisingly. This job, though high-paced at times, is a dream come true for me. I remember on my first day the sense of complete relief and contentment that just settled in as I started discussing my ideas and responsibilities. After working for an agency over the summer, coming back to an art setting was like coming home. I know that this is the type of environment that I want and need to work in. This semester I really worked on organizing the various social media platforms, establishing guidelines and continuity, as well as developing new types of content. I have big plans for the future, so I signed up to keep working there next semester!

This semester, I switched things up on the art side. Instead of continuing along my digital/new media art track, I signed up for a bookmaking class! Yes, actually sewing, gluing and binding paper to make books. And it was an upper level class – I totally threw myself in the deep end. But I’m very much in love and really rethinking my art practice. Videography is still my one true love, but books are definitely the new second. Good job me, finding this out in my senior year. But I have the skills now, so I’m going to try to keep at it during my ~free time (whatever that is). You can see some of my new art work here.

I also ended up adding a bunch of new samples to my academic portfolio with my three major-related classes: Research, Creative Strategy and Creative Crossroads. You can learn more about that in my previous blog post here.

Something really crazy that happened this year was all the freelance work I did. Pretty much within two weeks, three different groups approached me to do some video work, which I jumped on ASAP. Probably not the best idea in the long run… juggling that plus my real job and my classes was stressful at times. But I powered through, because I couldn’t say to making videos (and making some extra money). This also gave me a chance to work on more professional videos that aren’t for me or art-related. I’m excited I got the chance to do some freelance work and will definitely be looking for more in the new year. Email me if you have opportunities we can work on together!

On the non-class/non-work side of life, I…

  • Officially feel like an adult at 22-years-old.
  • Loved attending Adobe MAX, quite possibly the best conference in the world.
  • Submitted my art work to The Zine Society: Library exhibit, open through February 9, 2015, at CentralTrak in Dallas.

I’m excited and nervous for 2016, because this spring will be my last semester in college. Senior capstone, graduation and job searching, oh my! I’ve got some goals and plans for the new semester, which I’ll share in my next blog post!

New Year's 2015